About Us

About Brahmatells

Brahmatells, the brainchild of Manish Kumar Jhamnani, is bringing a massive change in the field of wholesale gemstones, authentic rudrakshas, and healing crystals. We are equipped with an admiringly qualified team of more than 25 highly enlightened and sagacious astrologers. The brand, named after the creator of all – Lord Brahma, wants to pull out the world from their struggles and help them create a life filled with love, good health, success, and

And we do so by providing the purest and most authentic healing crystals, gemstones, and rudrakshas. Our Rudrakshas are sourced from the original sites of their occurrence-Java and Nepal. Our
crystals are energized for healing by our team of astrological maestros who have helped millions in finding their path and overcoming their struggles. We provide the highest quality certified gemstones to our customers. We offer you the promise of quality and certification along with 24*7 support.